Hey I'm Anthano Zasalla on the MSPA forums but call me anza or zas also I make art sometimes  cats in the shack
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b r u h

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i drew a dog but it wasn’t tuesday

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Anonymous Asked:
The booty

I’m just hoping my buns are Bona Fide Anaconda-Certified

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Anonymous Asked:
Your art is amaze I am jelly

Thanks guddnes fer jams and jellies god bluss amurica

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tell me why u follow me on anon

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he’s here

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drawin wilbur the dragon for the first time in like… years……

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hi im mari here’s some things i learned about making webcomics that nobody actually told me

  • webcomics arent a form of art where you’re supposed to look at it for too long, if youve got a nice story flowing, sometimes readers are gonna spend seconds on your page before turning to…
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options: draw a dog or work on update

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sketch trash central