Hey I'm Anthano Zasalla on the MSPA forums but call me anza or zas also I make art sometimes  cats in the shack
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hey folks! i’m tristen wade, and i’m a junior year artist at champlain college. after putting this off for WAY too long, i’m officially opening myself up to take commissions and make art for YOU!

why i’m taking commissions: right now, i’m in a bit of a financial squeeze and i’m trying to scratch up enough money to buy a ticket to AAC (another anime convention) so that i can see my friends and partners back at home. i’m at school right now and don’t have a job at the moment, so this is my only chance to make any cash for the foreseeable future. i have exactly two weeks to get this money together or i won’t be able to see my partners for at least another month. at some point i’ll offer commissions regularly, but this is an emergency fund and i desperately need money quick.

what i’ll do for you: i’m a multi-talented artist with a lot of interests! i can do digital paintings and drawings ranging from icons to portraits to busts and talksprites; you name it and i’ll make it. i of course reserve the right to say no to some more extreme requests, but for the most part anything flies! i’m also incredibly excited to offer my skills as a 3D artist - i’m getting my bachelor’s degree in game art and animation and this is my primary skill! you can see more examples of my work here and here, and i have even more examples of my 3D art available upon request.

pricing (in USD, and flexible):

  • icons are $2 for a simple one and $5-10 for more complex ones.
  • paintings are $20 to $60 depending on complexity and depth.
  • portraits of characters start at $5 for a simple sketch, and $20 for a lines and colors. backgrounds are an additional $15! i’m willing to do absolutely any fandom or pairings, or portraits of actual people, including yourself! i may take nsfw commissions depending on the request.
  • 3D pricing depends a WHOLE lot on what you want. simple low poly models will be around $5-20 each and you’ll receive a short turn-around gif and some stills, as well as the .fbx if you’d like. textured and rigged low poly characters will be around $35-50, and i’m willing to give you several different gif’s and stills, along with the .fbx file.
  • if you’d like an animated short (15 seconds or more), a high detail environment, a high detail rigged character, or something of that sort, this is something that i will be EXTREMELY excited to work on, and you will get order priority! keep in mind that this sort of commission can get pricey depending on what you want, but i will work with you through the entire process and ensure that you’re fully satisfied.

i only accept paypal, and i will send you in-progress images as i work on your commission to make sure that you’re completely happy with the finished product! for 3D commissions, i ask that you pay me at least half of the total price before i start to work.

if you’re not interested in commissioning me, please reblog and boost this post so that more people can see it!

if you have any inquiries or questions, EMAIL ME at megawatt1736@gmail.com or shoot me an ask on tumblr!

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Commission master post



Hey yo! Want some rad art? Want some rad character designs of varying fantasy themes? Want them in an alias style that’ll make you look hip and cool? Look no further! Gen with the master pen is ready to doodle you up some fine work for some dosh!

Aliased Character…

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(A STORY update)

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b r u h

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i drew a dog but it wasn’t tuesday

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The booty

I’m just hoping my buns are Bona Fide Anaconda-Certified

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Your art is amaze I am jelly

Thanks guddnes fer jams and jellies god bluss amurica

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tell me why u follow me on anon

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he’s here

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drawin wilbur the dragon for the first time in like… years……